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Recommendations on how you can best care for your family bike and troubleshooting can be found under "Recommendations and solutions" in the menu. If these recommendations are not followed, we cannot guarantee that the warranty will cover the damage.

Maintenance & bike service

At our prices are exclusive of maintenance costs such as service and inspections. However, we recommend that you have it serviced by a professional bike shop in your area.

We would be happy to help you order spare parts.

Maintenance: Mandatory bike inspection and readjustment within the  first 20 km. After this the bike needs service and adjustments after every 500 kilometers.


1 Warranty

1.1 Basic provisions

The subject of the contract are the goods identified in the customer's order and listed in the order confirmation. Errors and omissions are reserved, especially if they affect the availability of the goods.

The properties of the goods are based on the product descriptions in the respective sales channels.

The dealer tries to deliver goods of perfect quality. The delivery note plus invoice counts as a guarantee certificate. This is to be kept carefully.

1.2 Frame guarantee 2 years

The frame is covered for up to 2 years from the date of purchase (invoice date). If the customer believes that the frame has a manufacturing defect, the dealer must be contacted in writing. In the letter, the customer must describe the error precisely and enclose the invoice and pictures of the error. The dealer checks the claims and contacts the customer regarding the further procedure, provided that the claims are justified.

The following is dealt with: Breakage / breakage of load-bearing / vital parts of the bicycle frame (not the front fork) as a result of normal private use and proper storage.

It does not cover: Vandalism, abuse, overload in addition to specification, traffic accidents and attempted break-ins are not covered.

All claims are only covered by submitting a valid original invoice. Transport costs / collection costs are not covered.

There may be longer waiting times for repairs, as some frame types have to be manufactured or repaired by the manufacturer in external factories. There is no entitlement to a replacement.

1.3 Battery guarantee

The dealer can only guarantee that cover for damage is guaranteed if the recommendations and instructions have been followed.

Please note: The batteries wear out. A battery can be expected to last approximately 600-900 charges, or 2-3 years. Depending on use and route. As a battery nears the end of its life, performance will continuously decrease. This is due to technical reasons (wear and tear) and cannot be claimed as a defect.

Battery full guarantee - up to 6 months after purchase

The dealer offers a full warranty on the battery within 6 months of purchase and by presenting a valid original invoice. When replacing, the battery is replaced with a new, reconditioned battery. After inspection by the supplier and provided there are no visible external signs of damage or the like and the charging plug is not defective, the battery will be sent to the customer.

Note: This exchange can take up to 30 working days to complete. There is no entitlement to a replacement battery during this time. Postage fees are borne by the customer.

1.4 Others

In the event of a defect, it is at the discretion of the retailer to provide the warranty by replacing it with an equivalent value, reworking it or reimbursing the price. If the dealer decides to repair or replace the goods, the customer's claims for cancellation of the contract or a reduction in the price as well as for compensation are excluded. Further claims are excluded to the extent permitted by law.

If operating or maintenance instructions are not followed, changes are made, parts are exchanged or consumables that do not correspond to the original specifications are used, then any warranty is void if the defect can be traced back to this. This also applies if the defect is due to improper use, storage and handling of the devices or external interference as well as the opening of devices, batteries or accumulators. The guarantee does not cover damage resulting from falls of any kind, bumps, blows, etc. The guarantee for normal wear and tear of consumables and accessories is excluded. Insignificant deviations from the warranted properties of the goods do not trigger any warranty rights.

If the customer suspects a production defect, the dealer must be contacted by email or letter. The letter must describe the error precisely and include the invoice and pictures of the error.


The following components / parts and circumstances are excluded from this guarantee or lead to exclusion from this guarantee:

• If the vehicle has been technically modified

• Subsequent conversion / installation of incompatible or non-original parts

• Wear parts (see definition of wear parts below)

• Non-Familybike parts / components

• Repairs that have not been carried out by qualified personnel

• Improper use / transport (see "our recommendations" in the menu on

• Missing service inspections within a reasonable period of time (see "our recommendations" in the menu on

• Damage due to missing or incorrect setting (s) or worn components

• Consequences of falls

• Damage due to weather conditions or normal wear and tear

• Damage as a result of unsuitable cleaning agents, utensils such as high-pressure cleaners or additives used

• Commercial leasing / transfer

The following parts are considered to be wearing parts and are excluded from the guarantee:

• Stop buffers in forks and dampers

• Rain cover

• Coatings on fork stanchions and damper pistons

• Moving parts made of rubber

• Brake pads

• Brake discs

• Seals

• Feathers

• Rim flanks / braking surfaces

• Freewheel body

• Sliding rings and bushings

• Handles and handlebar tape

• Cassettes, sprockets, chainrings

• Chains

• Storage or seats

• Air seals / O-rings

• Tires

• Gear lever rubber coatings

• Switching components

• Foam parts

• Mudguards, chain guide

• Cables and outer shells

• spokes

• Dust rings


1.5 Severability Clause

Should any provision of this guarantee be or become ineffective or have a loophole that needs to be closed, this shall not affect the legal validity of the remaining provisions. Instead of the missing or ineffective provision, a provision is deemed to have been agreed that comes closest to the meaning of the original provision.

The warranty claims are limited to the initial purchaser of the goods and are not transferable.

1.6 Sale of used items

The warranty period for the sale of used items, e.g. exhibits, is 1 year.