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Maintenance & bicycle service

At our prices are exclusive of maintenance costs such as service and inspections. However, we recommend that you have it serviced by a professional bike shop in your area.
We would be happy to help you find a bicycle shop or order spare parts.

Maintenance: Mandatory bike inspection and readjustment within the first 20 km. After this the bike needs service and adjustments after every 500 kilometers.

To prolong the life of your Familybike, it is important that you clean and maintain your Familybike regularly. You should have a service performed by a specialist at least twice a year. Once in preparation for spring / summer and once for autumn / winter. The safety-relevant parts such as brakes, lights and moving parts such as pedals, gears, tires and rims including spokes must be checked and, if necessary, serviced or tightened.


Ultimate Harmony Cargo Bike


Maintenance of your Familybike

In general, it is best for your Familybike to stand in the dry. Always put your Familybike under a shelter, in the garage or in the bike cellar. It's best to always take the battery with you into the house.
Your Familybike should be washed with a normal garden hose and not with a high-pressure cleaner and then wiped with a cotton cloth. Be careful not to point the jet of water directly at the battery and electrical parts.
After washing your Familybike, you must always make sure to lubricate where needed. The chain and bearings are the most important elements to be lubricated. Always use an oil from a specialist retailer that is intended for chains or bearings.





  • Never store the battery for a long time in frosty weather.
  • Always use the original charger.
  • Always charge your battery at room temperature. If you have to charge your battery over the winter months, the following is
  • IMPORTANT: Always wait until the battery has reached room temperature before you connect it to the charger. In this way you ensure that no condensation forms due to the temperature differences and that the battery is not damaged.
  • Do not turn on the charging switch until the battery is connected to the charger.
  • Always turn off the charger when the battery is removed or when the battery is charged.


See also "Instructions and Solutions" in the menu






The display is pressure and function tested and preset at the factory. However, if the LCD display is scratched or exposed to external pressure (e.g. high-pressure cleaner), if it is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time and is therefore overheated or without a cover, there is unfortunately a risk of damage, e.g. ingress of water.

Moisture can possibly escape by setting up your Familybike in a dry place where it is stable and dry and the temperature is above 15 ° C to 18 ° C. Or place where your Familybike is in a slightly warmer environment.




Rain cover

Our rain covers keep moisture and wind away from the children on regular tours in rain, fog and snow.

Note that all zippers must be closed before the rain cover is attached. After the rain cover has been put on, the entrances can be opened.

Some of our customers use their rain cover as a garage to protect their Familybike from the weather. If you also choose to do this, the rain cover will have to be replaced more often in the long run. See spare parts.



Reifen, Schlauch und Reifenpannen

Tires, tubes and punctures

  • We use tires with a autovalve, which ensures that no air escapes.
  • We use anti-puncture hoses for the hoses to minimize the risk of you and your family stopping on an excursion. "Anti-puncture" does not mean that your bicycle tire is 100% puncture-proof. It means that the tire has additional protection / reinforcement that makes it difficult for foreign parts to penetrate the tire. Often the number of punctures is reduced by 80-90%.
  • Always keep your Familybike properly inflated. Information on the pressure can be found on the side of the tire. We recommend 4.5 bar.
  • Always use the correct type of pump to avoid damaging the valve.
  • Good tires. Make sure your tires have a good wearing layer and don't look old and cracked.



Bewegliche Teile


Moving parts / mechanical defects

  • Defective spokes, wheels and rims: We use some of the thickest, best performing spokes for our Familybikes. When we see flaws on the spokes, it is almost always due to lack of or inadequate service. With regular service (twice a year), the spokes must be checked and retightened if necessary. We also have customers who rode their Familybikes over the sidewalk / curb or similar. Our Familybikes are of course not intended for that.

  • Broken Metal Parts: A rare mistake, but when we see it there was almost always external pressure from the top and / or the metal parts were sitting loose and flexing continuously.

  • Damaged front pedal on electric models: Appears as a safety element if the chain is stuck and you try to start the electric motor at the same time. The problem occurs almost exclusively with Familybikes on which the regular service interval was not observed and / or the oiling of the chain and the sprocket was neglected.

  • Chain falls off: Will only occur next due to a lack of service or ongoing service (where chain may be tightened) and / or neglect of oiling the chain and sprocket. Wear of the chain / rear wheel drive can be another reason. In this case, the affected parts must be replaced by a specialist.

  • Damaged sensor: Occurs almost exclusively when the sensor is stuck in an external object, e.g. branch, cords, etc. or as a result of the fact that the chain tore in pieces and / or you did not stop pedaling in time when you lost the chain and the sensor was damaged has carried away. The chain loss is solely due to inadequate maintenance and lack of gear adjustment and oils.