Delivery/pick-up: 2-3 weeks!

Refund policy

No right of withdrawal but 14 days right of return

The dealer does not offer a right of withdrawal without a reason. It is very important for the retailer to know why the customer wants to return the Familybike so that he can develop his products better and learn from the mistakes.

If the customer wishes to return his family bike for any reason, the dealer must first be sent a written declaration by letter or email. The dealer will find a solution for collecting / shipping the family bike. A return shipping fee will be added upon collection.


If the customer wants to return his family bike, the following rules apply:

The customer must return the item to the retailer immediately and no later than 14 days after receipt. When returning the item, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the item is properly packaged.


The customer bears the risk of the item from the time the item is delivered.

The customer must enclose a copy of the order confirmation and all associated parts.

The retailer does not take back items if:

• Bicycles or goods that have been opened or are no longer in their original packaging.

• Bicycles or goods that have been manufactured according to the consumer's specifications or have a clear personal touch.

• Bicycles or goods that can be assumed to be impaired or have been ridden (test ride max. 200 meters)

• Bicycles that were (partially or fully) assembled by yourself after delivery. Returns for self-assembly only if the original packaging is unopened.

• Electronics that have been connected / used

Reinach, August 2021